Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spin Spa

The Spinning spa Brush

The Spin Spa Shower Brush is perfect for hard to reach places. 
It is battery powered and water proof. 

Select the High or Low spinning speed, just fill the head of your choice with any soap or body wash and you can rejuvenate and pamper yourself by massaging and exfoliating turning your shower into a spa experience.

Includes 5 Spa Attachments;


Massage, Pedicure,  

Gentle exfoliation, Cleansing.

Battery Powered

Nothing to Install

Water Resistant

Includes 5 attachments

Spin Spa Box Contents:

1 x Spin Spa Shower Brush

1 x Gentle exfoliation head

1 x Massage head

1 x Pumi stone Pedicure head

1 x Micro derabrasion head

1 x Cleansing head

User Guide

Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included)

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